10 Common Mistakes All Kiteboarders Should Avoid by Jeremie Tronet

In this kitesurfing video tutorial, you will meat Jean-luc! 🙂

Jean-luc is an independent kitesurfer. He has already taken few kitesurfing lessons and can go upwind.  However, Jean-luc do not remember all information he has learnt during his kitesurfing lesson, 3 months ago He is still doing some common beginner mistakes.

Watch this kitesurf tutorial video from Jeremie Tronet and be ready to look like  a cool Windbuddy.

As soon as beginners learn how to waterstart, they often buy their first equipment and go kitesurfing by them-self. However, it take time to be a autonomous kitesurfer, You need at least to have 10-20 sessions and have experienced difficult situation such as live situation of self-rescue. Therefore, we always recommend you to take some coaching course even when you are able to go upwind.

In this kitesurfing video, Jeremie Tronet will show you the common mistake that you should avoid

  • ALWAYS ask local kitesurf school the safety rules of the place


It is for this reason that at Winbuddy we do not show you kitesurf spot on our map. Instead, we prefer to help you to find local kitesurfing schools which will show you and give you advises on the local kitesurfing spot where you can ride safely.

Once you arrive to a kitesurf spot, the first think to do before pumping you kite is to ask:

  1. How is the local wind ? If it is a thermal wind does it stop at the end of the day
  2. What kite size should you use?
  3. Where are the kite zone?
  4. Where are obstacles ?
  5. Can you ride with low tide? sometimes the spot will totally change in low tide and obstacle can appear

In fact, just have a chat with others Buddies

Launching and landing are always the most critical and potentially dangerous part.

Be safe and focus


  • Always double check your line before launching

Beginners often forgot to look if the bridles are not twisted

  • When launching and landing the kite, do not pull your bar.

Philippe Ancelin advises to grab your chicken loop and only hook in to your harness once your are ready to launch. Therefore, if something go wrong, the release system will automatically go off.

  • Always grad the leading edge when landing a kite
  • Do Not keep your kite at 12 o’clock on the beach
  • Do not go out on on-shore wind if you are not able to go upwind
  • Once someone grab your kite, walk toward your it

In order to progress quickly and safely, take some kitesurfing lessons to gain confidence to ride upwind and land new kitesurfing tricks

If you know any good tips for beginner or do not understand your mistakes, ask to the community below or post your video.

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