The complete kiteboarding guide from Mark Shinn:

The first kitesurf tricks.

Once you are confident in jumping, turning and going upwind, it is time to try your first tricks

In this kitesurfing Tutorial, Mark Shinn give you tips and advises to land your first kitesurfing tricks. Put some style in your riding and try to:

  • Jump without looking at your kite

Feel where the kite is going so you can focus on tricks and rotation

  • Toe Side

One of the first trick you can try. Take out your front hand to get a good angle. Riding Toe side is a new feeling with give a very nice sensation. This will open the door to so many new tricks!!

  • Board Twist

Lay back in your harness. Do not focus to much on the board twist when you POP. Focus first on your jumps and then, do you tricks. lay

  • Double Board Twist

For a bit more Style ­čśë

  • Table top

Very Similar than a board twist but put more angle

  • One Handed Board Twist

Left your back hand as you will need your front hand to land. Put your front hand close to the center of the bar. This trick will open the door for Grabs and Rotation.

  • Backflip

Kite Stable at 11 o’clock. Put your hand to the center of the bar as your back hand will often steer the kite backward and will make you fly in the air.


The all time old school tricks!!! You need hand time: You need maximum power! Leave your kite at 12 o’clock during the jump. You can use a stopper to do this tricks

  • The Raley
  • Hugy Grab = Raley + Grabs
  • Kitesurfing Tricks: The Raley
  • Hugy Grab: Raley plus Grab

Next kitesurfing tricks:

  • Grabs
  • Transition
  • Rotation
  • Blind
  • Board off

It’s not failure, it’s unfinished succeed

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