Learn How To Go UpWind With The Complete Kitesurfing Guide – Mark Shinn

After your first waterstart in kitesurf, you will start to enjoy the awesome felling of riding!
However, you are not a completely autonomous kitesurfer until you know how to ride upwind .  As all beginner, you will need to walk on the beach to come back where you started. This is what will call:

“The walk of Shame”

In this kitesurfing tutorial, Mark Shiin will give you awesome tips on how to go upwind in kitesurf:


  • Park your kite in a stable positionComfortably power up with a good size kite
  • Go slow. By slowing down you will force the kite to go to the edge of wind window
  • Trim your kite to further reduce your speed and bring your kite to the edge of the wind window
  • Keep you kite low
  • Good weight distribution (80% of the back leg, 20% of the front leg)
  • Twist your hips (Left you hand of your bar)
  • Aim for a point upwind of you

For progress rapidly, take Kitesurfing courses until you are able to go Up-Wind

Going Upwind is a crucial step to be an autonomous kitesurfer. It could be difficult to achieve it if you do not have a good position or you do not know what you are doing wrong.

And you? Do you know any tips to go upwind in kitesurfing ?



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