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 How to jump in kitesurfing

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Before digging into the amazing feeling of flying, you need to be able to:

Kitesurfing Tips how to jump higher with Mark Shinn

  • Waves will add attitude and he could also help you to have the timing right. Spot a little wave and pull on the back end 50 m before the wave. Count to 3, “1, 2 3” and pop out the water
  • Place you kite at 11
  • Pop up before the kite arrive at 12 oclock.
  •  Be sure to have enough space down wind. Look behind you if there is an other kitesurfer
  • Bend your knee for better balance

You can watch the next video from Mark Shinn to learn the first kiteboarding tricks

How to Jump Big in kiteboarding by Kitesurf college

Kitesurfing tips

  • Start with small jump
  • To Jump High – more speed – strong pop – move your kite faster
  • Don’t be afraid to dive your kite to 10 o’clock to land if speed

3 common mistakes when jumping in kiteboarding

  • land with the board downwind
  • Back foot land first
  • Keep you leg hanging below you to not twist during the jup

kitesurfing tutorial from epic kiteboaring

4 steps to jump higher in kiteboarding

  • Choose perfect equipment (kite and board). Kitesurf is not rocket science! the bigger kite you are using the higher you will jump. However, if you have to much power, it will be hard for you to pop and thus you will not reach a big hang time.

To learn how to jump quickly, get tailored support and advise from a professional kitesurf instructor

Next kitesurfing tricks:

Once you are able to land several jumps in the row, it is time to try your first kitesurfing trick

Good buddy are not the people who never fail

But people who never quite

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