Kitesurfing Tutorial:

Riding Blind

In this kiteusurfing tutorial from “The Complete Kitesurfing Guide”, Mark Shinn will show you on how to ride & jumping blind.

Riding blind is very uncomfortable and can be very weird stance. For you first Blind Riding, be sure to be in a flat water kite spot. You need also to be able to ride toe side and perfectly control your kite without looking at it.

Kitesurfing Tips for Mark Shinn

  • Keep your front hand to the wrong side of the trim loop
  • While riding put back your both Hands on the Bar
  • keep your kite in a stable position
  • keep trying ­čÖé

Kitesurf tricks in this video

  • Toe Side to Blind (stylish!!)
  • Blindouble back transition
  • Toe side front to Blind
  • Blind Double Front

Riding bling can unlock a large variety of stylish tricks

also the first stage of landing a handle pass: Riley to blind

So keep practice.

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original

Help other buddies and share your tips to ride blind in the comment below and share video of your best wipe out !

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