Kitesurfing Video Tutorial ‘ The Complete Kiteboarding Guide ‘ From Marck Shinn

Learn How to Turn in kiteboarding


Once you are able to water start, you will need to learn how to turn to come back to the shore !! ­čÖé

First, simply put your kite at 12 o’oclock and sit in the wtaer. Then make a water start to the other direction.

You will need to work on your timing in order to turn like a pro.

Kitesurfing Tips:

  1. Rise your kite slowly to 12 o’clock
  2. Push on your back leg and go straight upwind to stop
  3. Change your Stance (the weight to your back leg to the front) and send the kite to the other side)

To add some style in your ride try a Toe Side turn. You can watch the video a Kitekahulas to learn mor about Toe side Turn.

You can also try to do a Heel Side Turn

Depending on the side you are riding, it will be easier to switch to toe side before turning to heel side.

Learn how to Toe Side & Hell Side turn are the first step you need to learn to ride Directional Board, Gybe and Ride Wave, so keep practicing!!

Next Step:

Going Upwind

Wave Riding


First Kitesurfing Tricks

In order to progress quickly, get advises from IKO certified instructors

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