Kitesurf Crash when trying his first kiteloop

This is how the first attempt of kiteloop look like. A big wipe out!!! But after the 2 hard crashes,  Spocky finally land it. So keep trying!

Remember: the kiteloop is a radical kitesurf moove. In this video kiteloop crash, these are 2 take aways:

  • ALWAYS Be sure that you have enough space downwind
  • When something go wrong just let go you board

Tips: Go Hard or Go Home !!!

  • The most engaged you are when pulling the bar, the less power you will generate.
  • First try  to loop your kite when you are on the top of your jump.
  • When you have a big crash in kitesurf, you need to try again in the same day or you may be mentally block. So for your first kiteloop, start easy with a smaller kite that you would usually take

Good crashes to all of you 🙂

See you on the water

And you? How was your first Kiteloop? Share a video of your best wipe out with the community and help each other to progress

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