Learn how to kitesurf and progress with:  The complete kitesurfing guide of Mark Shinn:

Board off tricks


If you want to learn this awesome Board-off tricks, Mark Shinn is the best old school coach you will ever have! And when I say old school, I mean it. Mark Shinn discovered kiteboarding in 1999 and won the World Tour and Red bull king of air the same year  2005!

So you won’t have a better tips to land a board off tricks than with Mark Shinn


  1. You need to be able to land a one foot kitesurf trick. It is easier to do a one foot using the back hand as you will need the front hand to steer the bar forward for the landing
  2. add a rotation to your one-foot kitesurf trick. This will help you to really feel the kite movement without watching it.
  3.  Try a board off won the beach until you are confortable doing it withouth looking at your feet

Once you land at least 5 one-foot rotation, you can try the most awesome kitesurf trick:

The board-off

Next kitesurfing tricks


Board-off flip!!

Can you land it?

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Wipe out are part of progression so don’t hesitate to share them. We will create a zap of all the best wipe out.

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