Kitesurf tricks:

Add some style in your jump with Grabs

When you are able to land some nice jumps with a good hang time, a good pot and good kite control, then try to jump without looking at your kite. Once you land few of them, it is time to try your first kitesurf tricks: The Grabs

Grabs relatively easy and can add some serious style in your riding. Mark Shinn will inspire you to try different grabs until you find your signature one. Personally my favorite is a Stalefish Grabs with a nice and slow frontroll.

Kitesurf Tips:

  • To look very stylish, try to keep you grabs as long as possible
  • Grabs using your back hand are easier as you will need your front hand  to stair the kite to land.
  • Put you hand close to the center of the bar
  • Trim kite to full power (old school tips)

You can be creative with grabs. Try to find your signature one. For example, a Nuclear Grad is kick ass tricks:

Are you still confused? Don’t Worry. Watch this awesome video of Arnone , the best kitesurf designer, and find the next grabs you will try the next windy day.

Next Kitesurf Tricks:

Add some front and back rotation to your grabs

Windbuddy Learning Community

What is your favorite Grabs? Share a video of your best grabs and help other buddies to get inspired to land awesome tricks.

“Try and fail but don’t fail to try”

You can not progress without crashing so share a video of you biggest wipe out and our community will help you to understand your mistake

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