Kitesurfing video tutorial: The complete kitesurfing Guide from Mark Shinn

How to Board – Off flip

Welcome to the chapter 2 of the board off tutorial from mark shin.

If you are able to land few board off trick, It is time for you to learn thebest old school tricks.

In this kitesurfing video tutorial, you will get the inspiration to try new old school tricks. People would complain that the competition is pushing to much toward un-hooked tricks. I learn kitesurf with this awesome video and for me, board of flip is the most amazing trick you can ever do in kitesurf.

In this kitesurfing video tutorial, Mark Shinn show you 3 different Board off flip:

  •  Finger Flip
  • Tail Flip
  • Board Pass

Kitesurf Tricks in this video:

  • Board of spin / Indie Grab
  • Front loop flip
  • Double front loop board off
  • Board Varial 180 (Surf)
  • Tail Flip 360
  • Heart Attack
  • Board Pass
  • Black loop Finger flip
  • Front loop with 180 varial
  • Front loop with a Tail Flip 360

Kitesurfing Tip:

  • You need to be able to land a board off with a back or front loop
  • Train to flip your board on the beach before trying in the air
  • Fast Snapy movement
  • Keep you board close to your boad
  • Use a Stopper when trying a Board Pass
  • Get maximum power

Can you land it?

Help other buddies by sharing  your tips in comment or sharing your kitesurf video with the community.

Wipe out is all part of our progression, so don’t hesitate to share your them with us. We will create a zap of all the best wipe out.

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