In this kitesurfing tutorial, you will learn how to get started with wave riding

First, you should be able to ride with a directional board and gybe in both sides. Then, you can start to practice your carving turn on small waves. Don’t overestimate yourself. Kitesurfing in middle of big waves can be something impressif and quite extrem. Only for advance kitesurfer.

Once you have practice your turns and ride your first wave, it is time to take it to the next level

Kitesurf Tips:

The most dangerous part in kitesurfing waves is to  drop your kite in middle the waves. You will need to be able to relaunch it quick if you don’t want to have trouble.

If a wave break on your kite, you may be drag under water and in the worst case senarion your line may tangle around you. In this situation, the release system may not work. It is for these reason that you MUST have a Safety knife in your harness.

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