Learn how to land your first kitebaording tricks with Jake Kelsick

Once you are able to go upwind and start to enjoy yourself, than you can try few simple tricks. Jake Kelsick will show you easy first kitesurf tricks. Don’t forget to watch the video of Jeremie Tronet to be sure you don’t do beginner common mistakes and look like a cool Buddy.

Top 5 kitesurf Tricks for Beginners

In this kiteboarding tutorial, Jake will take you through the 5 tricks you can try as soon as you can ride upwind.

  • Toe side riding

You do not need to pop. Put your kite around 11, go to moderate speed and simply twist your hips

Once you are confident in riding toe side on your both sides, you can try a toe side carving turn. Move your kite slowly or you will fly up in the air. Once it is around 12 o’clock, go downwind and switch to heal side.

  • Pop to Toe side

Once you can pop, try to witch to

  • Grabs

Once you can pop, add a grabs to add some style. Reminder to keep your hand close to the center of the bar

  • Jumping / Air transition

You all need to turn and come back, so why not add a Air transition. Your kite have to cross slowly to the wind-window. The most slow your kite will travel, the most air time you will have

Progress quickly with coaching course

Sometimes, it could be hard to understand what you are doing wrong.  Advises for friend are not always the best.

When you want to learn new tricks or learn how to jump in kitesurf, it is useful to take advance kitesurfing course. Having professional and tailored advises will give you confident to progress quickly. Watch a Video of yourself can really help you to see your mistake.

You can also share your video and ask for feedback from the community.

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