Understand the wind is crucial to practice kitesurf safely

Let’s start by the basic:

The Global Wind Patterns

If you are looking this articles that you are a Windbuddy. Like all of us you are living at the rhythm of the wind.

For kitesurfers, it is essential to deeply understand what make our spot possible:

The Wind

When you are choosing your next holidays location, be sure that you choose a spot in a general windy region (trade wind Republic Dominican) (Jet Stream – South Africa)

In this course, you will go through:

  • How does the wind is created
  • Where does the wind blow
  • Which place are generally windy
  • Trade Wind – Prevailing Westerlies – Dold Drum –  Horse Latitude- Jet Stream

These are general wind patterns but meteorology is not an exact science.

Now is your time to practice

You can see the global wind pattern  in the real-time weather map: Windy
On the right of the map, switch from temperature to pressure and from pressure to wind.

What do you see?

Check the heat map and switch to pressure map. You can see that cold air is general a high pressure.

Can you spot the doldrums (no wind in the equator)?

Can you spot the trade wind?
Can you see some low and high pressure front close to each others?
A strong wind will be created when a front of low pressure is close to a high pressure.

It will move from the high pressure to the low pressure zone


Now you know the global wind pattern and that you have a better understanding on how the win is created we can move out to:

  • Understand the cloud to predict the wind
  • The could and hot front
  • Local wind effect (wind shadow, updraft, gradient wind, Venturi)
  • Thermal wind

Understand wind is essential for our community. A good understanding of the wind will help every kitesurfer to practice their sport safely.

We will always try to update this post and give you the best knowledge we could. If you want to share your knowledge and help other kitesurf, do not hesitate to contact us or write in the comments below.

Cheers and good wind to all of you

Kite United

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