Choose you correct kite size

When you finish your kitesurf course, it is time to go kitesurfing by yourself.

Choosing the good size kite is often difficult when you just started kitesurfing. However, it is the most crucial part!! It can be extremely dangerous if you do not know the wind range of your kite and the local wind effect.

Therefore, before choose your kite’s size you HAVE TO:

  • Check Forecast website such as Windytv
  • Know the local wind
  • Know ALL the wind effect.
  • Look if there are some clouds such as Cumulonimbus

Once on the spot, you HAVE TO ask to others kitesurfers:

  • How was the wind? Was it constant, drooping..
  • Which kite size did they used ? and how much they weight (if it is not women 🙂
  • What are the local wind effect? e.g. does the wind drop at the end of the day…

Once you have all this information, you will have to make a choice. If you do not have the good kite size, DON’T take risk and go to buy some beers!! Or simply, rent the equipment you are missing!

To help you evaluate which kite size you should use, look this video of Mark Shiin about the Wind Range. The wind range depend on your weight and also on the type and brand to your kite. Every kite have is own wind range.

Kitesurf Tips:

When you start kitesurfing, it is recomanded to take 1 or 2 kite size than other rider. Even 3 to 4 if you see them flying more than 10 metre !

When you are more experimented, if the wind is weak (15 to 20 knots) or tend to drop, be sure to have a bigger size kite that you would usually used. Even the best kiteboarder will need a rescue if the wind drop.

If you like this course and you want to help us, join our learning community and wirte in comment your tips and techniques to choose the right kite size


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